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party we don't want to look like the pull of the united states, the rapid tony blair became that george bush. there is growing consternation of we risking another iraq? the president's people are saying let's make darn sure the evidence we are presenting, vladimir putin michelle ng is rejecting that they really are chemical weapons being used and assad is the guy using them and not his brother. what they seem to be saying is if it is his brother who is in charge of this province that was getting all the chemical attacks than it is not really assad. now we are starting to split hairs. i am not here to justify the attack or not but say that we are clearly seeing decisiveness going. connell: brings up an interesting point how should people look at this. on the one hand these are complicated issues with a lot of gray areas, that is why we are seeing some indecisiveness. on the other side we want to make a decision and stick to it. easier said than done? connell: i always wonder, if i am assad and putting myself in his shoes, size 12 cop i am thinking they already said this is not about regi
if we go this crazy george w. bush barack obama way which is printing money and overspending and raising taxes or if we will go pro-growth like reagan and if we go the pro-growth agenda i think markets will go up. really way up. dennis: plenty of time to follow over the next few years and in the meantime find one of these hundred dollar bills for you. dennis: how much would you pay for that? >> thanks a lot. dagen: $50 bills are bad luck. in racing in particular. not so much. dagen: coca-cola, artificial sweeteners, and diet drinks in a new ad campaign. dennis: diane macedo has more today. >> i will take any $50 bills, not a problem at all. >> the company is out with defending the use of s like diet drinks, and quality product you can feel good about along side a photo of a smiling woman, and a compound -- emphasizes despite being a trusted brand from 27 years, and doing things like offering low-calorie or no calorie options. and questions about artificial sweeteners calling them, quote, high quality alternatives to sugar and pointing out the safety came as supported and by 200 studies o
news minute. president george w. bush in high spirits today following a medical procedure. the 43rd president of the united states had a stint inserted to clear a blocked artery. the blockage was discovered yesterday during the 67-year-old former president's annual physical. concerns are raised again about the crippled fukushima plant in japan. the nuclear watchdog says the operator of the plant is trying to con tape highly radio active water seeping into the ocean creating an emergency situation. the plant suffered a nuclear meltdown following the 2009 quick and tsunami. finally, we know drinking and driving is dangerous, but how about drinking and walking? that's not so safe either according to new data on related fatalities. a third of the u.s. pedestrians killed in 2011 had blood alcohol levels above the legal limit for driving. those are the news headlines in the fox business network. get you back now to dagen. dagen: you can be sober in new york city and fall into a pothole. >> true, you can. dagen: not speaking from personal experience, but great to see you. >> bye-bye. dagen
of castro was torn down sparing them from a possible death sentence. and president george w. bush back, after being discharged from a dallas hospital following a heart procedure. the president had a scant inserted in order to clear an artery after blockage was found after an annual physical. >> and physicals for sure. >> the cyberfred android malware continuing its wild strike. according to a trend micro wraps latest research malicious android apps hit 718,000 in the second quarter of 2013. the future doesn't look so bright. on pace to hit the 1 million mark by year an end and trend micro devices president of cybersecurity tom kellerman. this is bogus, malware apps to pretend to be something else and down load on to the android. and when we open to hackers we had no idea it would spread like it did. and all the stuff from the start with bulletproofing, why didn't they? >> to open up to the marketplace for developers to create air when they get greater market share because they open their skeleton in essence giving themselves bone cancer. and developing and tax code targeting this platf
. president george w. bush is expected to leave a dallas hospital tomorrow after undergoing a heart procedure. a spokesman says doctors successfully inserted a stick to open a blunt artery that was found during his annual physical. the 67-year-old former president is in high spirits and beer to return home. the u.s. military official says between 50, and 100 american diplomatic personnel have been evacuated from yemen. the move follows what is seen as high risk of attack by al qaeda. it close 19 u.s. to the medical post across the middle east and africa. on a lighter note a man who calls himself the shark is in the middle of the 22 mile swim in laae st. clair near the michigan border. he is hauling a ton of bricks with the goal of reaching the troy this afternoon. he is trying to raise money and awareness for habitat for humanity. as the your new headlines. get you back to dennis, should be easy to raise awareness. dennis: thank you very much. reducing earlier gains, serious talks about the nuclear program. phil flynn of the price futures group is in the trading pits of the cme. why would the
considering his criticism of the george w. bush administration in iraq which was not unilaterally either. i figure it would be difficult. they won't get any support at the united nations multilaterally. the chinese and russians won't supporting resolution for the use of force and others, the british and others have fallen away, not quite sure the french seem to be holding pretty strong right now but iran could still fall away from the administration so this is embarrassing for them and the painted themselves into a corner. this is as bad as putting down that red line that keeps disappearing and appearing and how many chemical attacks have we had since the president put down that red line. this is a policy in trouble. i agree with elizabeth. of having had the opportunity to read her report but what she's talking about we should have been doing two years ago, 100,000 deaths prior. i have been calling for the development of a force that the overthrow assad. democratic or western leaning force that could do this. the cia can do these things that they say assad will fall any day. the problem is
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6

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